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Theater has been a method of teaching for thousands of years. Through stories and character study we explore the nature of humanity, investigate the motivations of the individual, and comment on the structure and shortcomings of our society.

The study of technical theater and design is particularly well suited to educate young minds about responsibility, teamwork, problem solving, communication, aesthetics and collaboration. Through the process of working on a theatrical production, teachers are able to demonstrate the value of each individual's contribution, and emphasize the importance of their shared goals and responsibilities with other members of the production.

These are skills and values that translate into any field that a student may choose to pursue. Regardless of whether someone continues to be involved in the theater industry, the confidence, social skills, and broad vision that designing, constructing and presenting a performance require become the foundation for a thoughtful and dedicated professional.

Theater/Work: Classes

This program is an introduction to the Technical. Managerial and Production related elements of the theater industry with an emphasis on learning practical skills. The format and content of each course is tailored to the student's specific involvement in the process, and their needs and interests.

The program offers classes to students in a variety of possible formats:

Full semester course:
Over a 4-month period, students attend (8) 2-hour classes that would discuss and evaluate the individual aspects of the theater process. This format would enable the class to be taught in conjunction with other class on alternating weeks, and would include practical applications, and theater visits.

Tech Full day intensive:
One (8) hour class covering all aspects of the Semester course, but with less overall depth. Emphasis would be on a general understanding of theater for those interested in learning about, and working in professional theater as a technician or designer.

Actors Afternoon intensive:
One (3-4) hour class covering all aspects of the Semester course, but with less overall depth. The emphasis is to provide a basic understanding of the managerial support structure and technical elements for performers and directors. This class is designed to give a performer a window into the design and production process to better enable their decisions onstage, and

Teaching Artist Support:
This workshop is dedicated to informing instructors on ways to create imaginative set designs for Middle School/High School productions with an emphasis on utilizing limited resources. The format and content of the workshop is a slide-based lecture with a group discussion of the application of student design and the construction of sets, lighting and sound elements.

What is most important about this program is the emphasis on the connected nature of the different elements of theater, and how they can easily be translated into broader, world based skills and applications, for both the technician and the performer. While the initial goal is to empower the students with a basic knowledge of all aspects of the production process, the end result is a deepening of their appreciation for everyone's talents, contributions and responsibilities

Each class offers a combination of learning relevant information and developing practical skills. For instance, a discussion of rigging terminology and safety applications is combined with knot tying lessons. Knots have historical and practical relevance, develop tactile and memory related skills, reveal mathematical connections and are useful in everyday life. Since the theater arts collectively act as a microcosm of the larger world, an understanding of the complexity of the world is both illuminated by, and made more tangible by the study of theater.
teaching theater
Set Design: Donyale Werle
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